Don't forget, you can also see Mr. Drew & His Animals, Too at the Maine Herpetological Society Reptile Expo coming to the Ramada Inn in Lewiston on Sunday the 28th!

Check out this incredibly informative video as Matt & Lizzy get to check out, hold and learn about all kinds of crazy-cool animals that Mr. Drew brought into the studio on Wednesday morning!

Maine Herpetological Society
Maine Herpetological Society
A+ Serpent
Action Reptiles
B&D Reptiles
Becca’s Bizarre Studio
Big Head Frogs
Boston Boaz
C. Gonz Reptiles
Carrier, Sarah
Constrictors NW
Custom Glass Terrarium
Daggi’s Reptiles
Dr. B’s Geckos
Goody’s Exotics
Gorman Boas
Horton, Nelson
M.H. Ball Pythons
Misfits Rehab
M.L. Exotics
Morphs and Milestones
Mr. Drew’s KIDS ZONE
MRS Reptiles
Mythical Exotics
New England Natural History & Supplies
PJC Reptiles
Rand, Amanda
Sassy Serpents
Schmidt, Crystal
Silky Snacks
Sparky’s Scales
Topsham Wellness Veterinary Center
Wilde Eye Exotics

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