2019 was definitely a year of ups and downs.  Here are our picks for the biggest events from the last year.  Some good.  Some bad.

Tanker Truck Explosion - What a way for Central Maine to start off the year!  On January 2nd, an oil tanker truck traveling Route 27 near Belgrade caught fire and exploded.  Fortunately, those involved only received minor injuries.

Friendly's Closes Unexpectedly - One morning in early April, employees showed up for work at the Friendly's restaurant on Western Ave in Augusta to find the business closed.  We later found out that the Augusta location was one of 23 the company closed that day.

Big G's Accepts Cards - For years, this Winslow institution has been a cash-only business.  In early June, that changed.  They began accepting debit and credit cards,

Farmington Building Explosion - On September 16th, the newly opened LEAP building in Farmington exploded.  Farmington Fire Department Captain Michael Bell was killed in the explosion.  Six other people were injured.  A propane leak was later confirmed to be the cause of the explosion.

Hobby Lobby - In August, we heard rumors that Hobby Lobby was going to be opening a location in Waterville.  This was confirmed in November.  The location should open early in 2020.

Melissa Sousa Murder - The 29 year old mother of two was last seen putting her kids on the bus on Tuesday, October 22nd.  Her body was later found in the basement of her Waterville home and her boyfriend, Nicholas Lovejoy, was charged with her murder.

What events from 2019 will you never forget?

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