I know, things feel scary and uncertain right now because they are in many ways. But if you dwell on that you will not find the good stuff.  What are you grateful for right now? Here is my list:

1) My apartment:  I sold my house last year and living in a little apartment with ShadowDog.  While I wish my place had more natural light it is quiet, close to work, there is a laundry room on-site, I feel very safe AND I have a dishwasher!

2) My job: I am lucky! I will still be actively working during this situation. I have all the tools I need to work 100% from home if need be. I know A LOT of people do not have the luxury.  Not only does that disrupt daily life, but that can also be a HARD HIT to the budget. 

3) My health: While I am a bit older than most of my co-workers I have none of the medical conditions that make me at higher risk if I were to come in contact with the virus. I eat fairly well, I walk 1 to 3 miles a day. AND I have been a bit of a germaphobe for a while so many of these steps people are now taking just part of my daily life.

4) My Emergency Fund:  THIS is a new thing for me. Remember that house I sold. I, for the first time in my life, have a savings account. Having been single most of my life it has been harder for me to build that sort of base. So I am debt free and a small savings account.

5) ShadowDog: When I was buying a few extra things for the pantry this week, two extra bags of dogwood was a must. He is set. ShadowDog is my buddy, my daily constant and best reason to get out and walk that one to three miles a day.  As my social circle is almost nonexistent for the next few weeks, and by that, I mean going to work and seeing my work family, that dog is going to keep me sane.

6) The internet:  Because of the internet and my fancy-pants electronics I will be able to work at home, keep in contact with people, do some educational stuff, do some photo editing, buy stuff, order groceries, and watch my crappy TV choices.  I have found for myself I have to limit my time for news.  We are so connected and I get information overload.  It takes a toll on me.  It is the reason that as I put the news together for the radio station each morning. I get up early and do all my research.  I used to do it before bed to get a head start on the next day, I mean that seems logical, but I found that was NOT good for me as a human.

7) Central Maine: Where to start, where to start. Mainers are kind and caring. I saw it in the Ice Storm years ago and I am seeing it now.  I know we here some stories of bad behavior but overall there is way more good and bad.  AND if you are someone who needs something as we go through this time…speak up. There are resources; Facebook groups, social media, family, and friends, if everyone can do just a little bit we will be fine.  If you are not working and just need something to do…just look around. I bet you can find some creative ways to help your community.

8) Spring: WE are the pine tree state after all. Spring is upon us and with the nicer, longer days and living a low key life…ENJOY!  If you well...go for a walk, get some fresh air, rake the yard, open the windows, do some spring cleaning, read, craft, paint. if you ever said you wish you had more time for "_____"...here is it, your extra time. 

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