1. I am worried about some more vulnerable family members. My aunt lives in a retirement community in Maine where there is coronavirus…my aunt is in her mid 90’s. My mom, who is in her 80’s, lives in a retirement community in central Pennsylvania and from I know so far so good. A friend of mine in the Augusta area is in his 50’s, immuno-compromised and a diabetic.  He received home healthcare so he is able to stay out of the hospital for now for ongoing wound treatment.  (THANK YOU HOME HEALTH CARE WORKERS)
  2. We all need to how the coronavirus presents its self and how it is different from a cold or flu. BUT every cough, every ache, ever sneeze…every little thing goes through my brain to….what if?
  3. I feel a bit like a hoarder.  Now I am all for being prepared but I went out and did grocery shopping for a few weeks, bought another backup bag of dog food, bought a bigger allotment of paper towels and toilet paper than I would normally, hand and dish soap and an extra bottle of aspirin and some allergy meds.  I, like everyone, was feeling my world is out of control and know I would need these things at some point. In reality, I did not go overboard, but I don’t have a ton of storage space so the extra stuff is annoying me.
  4. I have all I need to work at home. 100%. Thank you Townsquare Media.  I just don’t want to work at home. I like the ritual of getting up and going to work. I like seeing my co-workers and work-family…even if I have a bad day at work, I had it at work AND then I get to go home! I have all this extra stuff in my house. My kitchen is just not big enough for this!
  5. My mother’s retirement investments. My retirement account. I know I am so blessed to even have some retirement savings.  She is blessed to have her assets.  But this economic nosedive is really going to impact her savings and finances.
  6. It has only been a short time but doing my job in my kitchen is just going to lead to absent-minded eating. Good thing I don’t buy cookies to keep in my house.
  7. I am just freaking lonely. I guess I rely on my work family more than I realize.  I am naturally an introvert, I have no family in Augusta and my best friends live out of state.
  8. I am kinda scared. Not freaking out, hiding in a corner crying scared but all this is troubling. When will life get back to normal? Will we just have a new normal?

BONUS PISSY POINT:  Now all my appointments for an eye check-up and dental check-up and some other appointments are postponed. It was all so perfectly worked out.  AND it will work out again...but...ya.

BONUS PISSY POINT 2:  Turns out my neice's' husband has the coronavirus.  He is young and healthy and should be fine. But she is now out of work as a nurse so she can't work and her community is down one heath care provider.  They live in the mid-west so it is not a local case but...ya.

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