Nine people were reportedly arrested following an alleged burglary that took place at a Skowhegan area laundromat on Sunday.

According to an article published by the Kennebec Journal, the Mr Bubbles laundromat, located on the Waterville Road in Skowhegan, was allegedly burglarized on Sunday morning at about 7:56 in the morning, police records show.

The owner of the laundromat, David Folsom, says that the burglary appeared to happen 'overnight' and the building was found to have a door that appeared to have been pried open at some point.

Folsom told police that property inside the business had been both damaged and stolen. Some of those items included money and a firearm that was inside the business at the time of the alleged burglary.

The Kennebec Journal reports that Skowhegan Police officers then executed a search of two apartment located at 45 Main Street in Skowhegan. Police say they were able to identified Kyle Lloyd, 24, and Elijah Chubbuck, 27, as their 'primary persons of interest' in the case.

Following their initial search of those two apartments, the Kennebec Journal reported that officers then searched apartments at 1 and 5 Main Street and found bank bags, quarter rolls, cash, the allegedly stolen firearm, 9 grams of suspected fentanyl and other reportedly stolen property.

Skowhegan police Chief, David Bucknam, said on Monday that several other people were arrested in relation to the investigation. Those arrested include,

Joshua Adams, 29, of Solon, and Kevin Krenisky, 32, of Skowhegan. Both men were arrested on outstanding warrants, according to Chief Bucknam.

Katelyn Henderson and James Rollins, both 28 of Skowhegan, Maine, were arrested and charged with unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs. They are currently being held at the Somerset County jail with their bail set for each at $10,000.

Finally, Edward Perri, 57, of Skowhegan, and Anthony Duskin, 42, of New York, were both charged with theft by receiving stolen property. Mark Grizzard, 49 of Florida, was charged with unlawful possession of scheduled drugs according to Chief Bucknam of the Skowhegan Police Department.

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