Even though, over the last year, we have learned that we can order practically anything and have it shipped directly to our homes, there is still something exciting going to a flea market or a yard sale.

As you walk from table to table (or cardboard box to cardboard box) there is something thrilling about the fact that you never know what you are going to find.  Antique furniture, toys from your childhood, old video game systems, grandma's china, and more.  On top of that, you never know what kind of amazing deals you are going to find.

If yard sales are your thing, you really need to check out what is probably the biggest yard sale in New England.  In fact, it may be the biggest yard sale in the entire country!

According to Only In Your State, Cornville's 10 Mile Yard Sale is scheduled to take place on May 22nd, and May 23rd.  The event typically runs along a 10-mile loop down Route 150 to Skowhegan and back up West River Road.

The event started in 1980s with just a few people participating, but grew immensely over time.  Now, it doesn't just cover Cornville, but also encompasses Athens and Skowhegan.

Normally, Nelson's Candies on West Ridge Road in Cornville takes part in the event.  No word on whether or not they'll be a part this year.  You can always check out their website for updates on what they're up to...

Clearly, with the on-going pandemic, there are sure to be some changes to the even this year.  You can keep up to date with everything going on by following their Facebook page.

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