When Mackenzie Clancy constructed her lemonade stand in Kennebunk, Maine on Saturday, she was not raising money to put into her own pockets, but instead to help others, according to an article on WMTW. 

At just 8 years old, she saw an opportunity to do all she could in the only way she knew how for a struggling country at war.

Birgith Roosip via Unsplash
Birgith Roosip via Unsplash

According to WMTW, each night, when her family sits for dinner, they also have the news on and Mackenzie started to listen. She witnessed news reports on the horrid conditions of the war in Ukraine and instead of simply hearing this and moving on, she took action.

Young people are incredibly inspiring and it's evident that she truly felt compelled to use her resources and wit to create a small business to spread hope to people who aren't as fortunate as she.

Mackenzie was able to see a need and answer a call that came from within her fire burning belly to spread love.

She used her creative talents to design signs with her own two hands as well as fashion bracelets, keychains and rings all to profit the people of this war-town country, as the article states. 

Mackenzie says,

"I was very happy because I wanted to send a lot of money, but I didn't think that that many people would come."

according to WMTW

Her lemonade stand turned out to become very popular and because of the love she has for others and most importantly the fact that she found it inside of herself to act, she was able to send $600 to the World Central Kitchen.


According to their website, World Central Kitchen, 

"..is first to the frontlines, providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises. We build resilient food systems with locally led solutions."

As the article states, Mackenzie is happy she can help and hopes to do it again soon.

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