In a beautiful gesture of solidarity, a symbol of hope which started right here in Maine will begin its journey all the way to the Ukraine.

According to WGME, Charlie Hewitt is the renowned artist who created Lewiston's "Hopeful" sign.

By now, you've definitely heard of this sign or seen it in real life. It's beautiful and it has affected our communities in such a positive way.

This "Hopeful" sign, hangs on buildings across cities like Portland and Lewiston and has become emblematic of resilience and love for all of us. So sending one of these signs to Ukraine is a message of hope and fortitude to its people.

Dave Dostie
Dave Dostie Augusta

Lewiston understands the meaning of tragedy, and in the aftermath of what we experienced, the Hopeful Project has emerged as a beacon of support. It seems to me that the artist is reminding the people of Ukrainian that they are not alone.

As the report says, Charlie's intent for the project is to infuse hope, resilience, and solidarity into a nation grappling with so much loss and turmoil.

That we can send light out, that we have enough left in our hearts after that tragic event to send them out to a country to hope for them. – Charlie Hewitt

The chosen destination for this symbol of hope is a far western Ukrainian town, near the border of Slovakia.

A heartfelt letter of support will be sent along with the sign from Charlie and his collaborators.

As Maine continues to grieve and grow together from what happened last October, the Hopeful Project serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and compassion within communities, and in turn transcends borders and offers solace to those in need, all over the world.

If you want to follow this exceptional Maine artist, check out his Facebook page. 

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