Ukraine is suffering as a country right now as they are continuing being hit by bombs and shells from Russia. They are however, bold and brave and fighting for the place they call home.

Many of the residents have fled but the ones who haven't are taken shelter with other friends and neighbors.

Families are taking care of each other they only way they know how, with just a backpack of clothes and only the essentials. But what about the children who don't have families?

According to an article put out by WGME, two Ukrainian boys, "A" and "D" are twins from Ukraine and are orphaned seeking shelter with other local orphans. They also have a bother, "M" who is with them.

The two twins were fostered this past summer by a Turner family in Turner, Maine and even though the family is 5,000 miles away, they are doing everything they can to get the brothers out of the war-torn country and here safely, to Maine.

Below, you'll find a video from News Center Maine, Youtube, who also covered the story.

Chelsea and Andrew Davies started hosting the twins last summer and also hosted them during Christmas. They bought and decorated a tree and had a wonderful holiday visit with the kids.

Last summer, Chelsea and Andrew Davies started hosting 12-year-old orphans from Ukraine "A" and "D".

"The goal of the hosting organization is to get them over here for their summer and winter breaks to get them out of the orphanage and get into a family," says Chelsea Davies.

They spent 10 weeks in the summer enjoying Maine as a family and were just here in the winter over Christmas.

"Lots of Christmas activities and went bowling. We got Christmas trees. Decorated the room, the whole 9 yards with lights and everything lots of sledding and snowmobiling," says Davies.

Chelsea and Andrew are heartbroken watching the news and hearing from their boys personally what they're going through.

According to an article on WGME Channel 13,

"Just trying to be strong for them when they do call and make funny faces and things and try to laugh as much as you can but it's really hard when they message saying we're hiding in a bomb shelter right now and sirens are going off,"

They have been talking to the family every few days and trying to keep positive.
Davie's also said,

"We're talking about what can we do for them because this is terrible. So if we can get them to a neighboring country where it's safe then maybe the U.S. can grant emergency visas for the kids that have been hosted here before,"

The family has started a GoFundMe page and the title is, "Help Bring Our Boys Home Safely," the page has currently raised over $6,700 because the goal is to bring the boys here. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to travel in or out of Ukraine and they are trying to work with the legislature and leaders to raise awareness on the current situation that is happening to the orphans of Ukraine.

They want to raise enough money to bring all 3 siblings to Maine and asking anyone that can, to donate for their cause.

"Somedays it's hard some days I can't keep it together and they comfort me which seems crazy because they're the ones who are in the middle of all this. They'll say don't cry mummy we're okay right now,"


If you want to help the Davie's family attempt to bring these 3 brothers to Maine, please visit their GoFundMe page!

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