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Today's KOD goes to a florida man who was spotted sleeping on a draw bridge. A woman said she was out walking early in the morning this week, when she noticed someone sleeping on the South Miami Avenue bridge.

As she continued to walk, she heard the chiming bells, which is a warning that the bridge was going to be lifted. She said she turned around and something made her think of the sleeping guy, “I was like, ‘Did he get off? Where is he?’ And I realized I never saw him get up and walk away.”

She said she attempted to warn the bridge operator, but was unable to get his attention. Her quote, “So we’re literally witnessing the guy slide down as he’s sleeping,” She said, at the last minute, the man woke up and grabbed onto a railing, which kept him from falling until the bridge lowered again. He did walk away and was not seriously injured.

More in the video!

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