It is not secret, I love being at Mahala’s Day Spa, it’s fun and relaxing and I like the people. But they are all pros at what they do. However, the nail shellac they do at Mahala’s is just an amazing product, but now…Nancy Danforth is taking it to a whole new level with nail stamping. I mean, really, check out my nails! And with it being shellac, they will last for WEEKS and look perfect. Yes, it will last until they take it off. 

This is what happens when we take an indecisive person (me) and a creative person (Nancy); a whole lotta fun on a finger nail. But as you can see some are more subtle, some more wild. It would be easy to come get the look of just about ANY things you want on your nail. Nancy really is an artist on a fingernail!

Nancy @ Mahala's Day Spa really understands how to work with nail products and can make just about anything you can dream up.  And you can save big on your nail stamping right now at Seize The Deal. You will save BIG (50% savings) and get nails you will love! Promise me one thing, you tag me on Facebook or send me a picture. I want to see what you and Nancy dream up!