As Renee and I were discussing the danger of just walking outside in this icy weather, she suddenly blurted out, "that's why I'm wearing my Yak Trax...

"Yak Trax?" I queried. Let me see them!

She lifted her foot and show me a spring like device that criss-crossed the sole of her sneaker. I was surprised. I asked her where she got them and she said she picked them up last year during a live broadcast at Eddie Bauer in the Marketplace at Augusta.

We continued our Yak Trax chat for a minute or so when I decided I'd write about them and encourage anyone who has elderly relatives they worry about slipping and falling to consider these as a gift!

For me, these will come in handy just navigating my driveway, which has a 45 degree slope, to get to the mailbox.

Renee's Yak Trax
Renee's Yak Trax