You all know how much it pains me to have to admit Renee was right, right? Well, it seems to be happening way more than normal lately which can only mean one thing- I'm wrong a lot more than I should be!

If you've been paying any kind of attention to the Moose Morning Show over the last couple of years you know the Renee has been asking me (basically harassing me) to get the Sam's Club Scan & Go app so my trips in and out of 'the Club' would be streamlined and hassle-free.


I protested for years using two primary excuses. One is that the self-checkout typically has a small line and it's super-easy to scan your own items, swipe your card, print your receipt and head on out. Number two is that I'll often buy wine or beer at Sam's, and how can I use the scan and go without a point of sale verifying my age? Well, I was wrong on both accounts.

While it IS pretty easy to use that speedy self check out, scan & go is even EASIER. Before my oldest son, Evan, and I left for the store yesterday I downloaded the app. And it is a literal game changer. You shop like you normally would but as you load your cart you just scan the items with your phone as you go. The app keeps track of how many items you've scanned and your subtotal. And, since I had preloaded my debit card info onto the app, when we grabbed our last item I just pressed 'check out' and it completed the transaction and generated a receipt instantly.

We were in and out so much faster! I almost felt like a criminal walking past the registers with a cart full of groceries as we headed for the exit. Oh, and I was wrong about the not buying alcohol thing, too. They just verify your age on the way out of the store where the associate checks your receipt.

So to Renee I say this; I should have listened to you so much sooner and you were 100% right. I'm sorry I ever doubted your incredible genius and overall knowledge of all things Sam's Club. I bow in the shadow of your greatness and request just a morsel of mercy.

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