Most families get together on Sunday to have a quiet dinner and chat, watch tv or enjoy a celebration.  Well, come to think of it, we WERE celebrating, I guess.  Celebrating the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution by making some noise in da hood!

Matt, Michelle, Michelle's boyfriend Jeremy and I did some backyard "plinkin'" today and did we have fun!  From 9 millimeter to 44 magnum to 12 gauge shotgun, we ran the gamut! Our neighbors are the best.  Not only did no police show up but nobody complained. Luckily, most of them shoot too!

My little girl, Michelle, did some skeet shooting for the first time and was quite impressive picking off clay pigeons. Her first time with a shotgun and she's hoisting a 12 gauge pump! She's pretty good with a pistol too. God bless America. Where else can you have a family Sunday afternoon like this?


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