If you don't understand what I just said based on the headline of this post, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Just kidding- but seriously, get out.

My son Evan and I were coming back from his Wednesday night basketball practice over to the Windsah school when it hit me.. We have a super icy driveway, a front wheel drive car and time to kill. AKA, the perfect recipe for some backwards spins or reverse 180s. What kind of parent would I truly be if I didn't take every chance I had to teach my eldest boy about physics?

When we arrived home I went to back into the driveway, which I never do, and Evan was a little confused. I told him he better hold on and I matted her! Down the icy slope of our driveway we went, accelerating the whole time. As the garage came into view I spun the wheel all the way around and the car started to break free. The force pressed Evan against his door as the car came all the way around and into a huge snowbank at the foot of our lawn. Oops.. I over shot the whole driveway. While it was super-fun, I had also buried the ol' girl about 2 feet deep in the font end.

No worries- we fired the Cummins (that's a diesel) up and yanked her out in a jiffy. No harm was done and there were lots of smiles. Except from my wife.. apparently all the commotion in the driveway was causing our dog to bark while the was trying to put the baby down to bed. My bad!