I commute to work very early in the morning before even the sun has thought about peeping it's head up from behind the horizon. This also means that I leave for work before a lot of traffic has made it's way onto the local roadways for the hustle and bustle of the morning commute. This also means I should at least be able to drive the freaking speed limit. Not today.

Again today (because this does happen fairly frequently), I got hung up behind a small SUV that wanted to travel about 12 miles per hour under the 55 mile per hour speed limit heading westbound on route 17. Now let me be clear, I would never get frustrated if the slow driving was related to current weather or road conditions. But they weren't. The roads were clear and dry and visibility was crystal clear.

Let me also say that I totally get it if, for whatever reason, you just feel safer driving that much under the speed limit. Maybe you think a deer might pop out like a game of frogger or you're worried about a patch of untreated black ice. Okay, I totally understand you wanting to be cautious.

However, I would like to go the speed limit. Actually, in all reality, I would like to break the speed limit, and you're impeding me from doing so. At least let me drive 55- I mean it's frickin' 4 o'clock in the morning and we appear to be the only two vehicles on the road. Yes I could wait for a couple miles until my next safe location to pass or you could just pull over for a second and let me sneak by you.

Maybe the person didn't realize I wanted to go fast? I don't tailgate because I think that's literally one of the most dangerous things you can do while driving aside from staring at your cell phone so I suppose they just didn't know. Anyway, I feel a little better now after sharing this.

I guess I'll just start leaving the plow on my truck year-round so I can push people out of my way as I barrel down the road in the incredibly massive 1-ton truck that I bought to compensate for the fact I'm only 5'6" and the truck makes me feel more like a man.

Whoops, really got off course there. Anyway, to all my fellow 4AM drivers, we should be able to speed in peace and not be hindered by the slow-goers of the early morning roadways.

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