Okay, show of hands here- how many people already thought that it was state law to clean off your entire car? Yeah, me too. Apparently, current Maine state law only says that drivers need to clear there windshields of snow and debris after a snowstorm. Well, a new bill may change that.

According to News Center Maine, current law doesn't actually require Mainers to clear off their entire car but state representative Dustin White is attempting to change that. The Maine legislature has had discussions about doing something like this in the past but no final decision was ever reached on the matter. Over the years many Mainers have been injured by flying snow and ice that has come from vehicles in front of them with debris built up on them.

The new bill will require the legislative council to approve it in order the a public hearing to be held on the matter. The next time the legislative council is scheduled to meet is on February 25th.

And remember, law or not, you should always be cleaning off your ENTIRE vehicle after a winter storm. It's just common courtesy and, after all, you might help prevent an injury or worse to another Maine driver.

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