It was a lovely weekend! I had no real agenda, nice weather and some invites to get out of the house. The coolest thing I did this weekend was take part in a drive-by parade for Joe Linscott. For 45 years Joe has not only been a driving force behind the wonderful ball fields we have in Augusta and when I say driving force I mean getting them developed and helping to care for the CARA fields.  86 year old Joe has been doing that until very recently. He has had a decline in his health this year making caring for those fields not possible. Joe is also being inducted into the Maine Babe Ruth Hall of Fame. With the coronavirus already making so we can not gather and Joe's heath being as it is, a normal gathering is not possible. BUT a drive by parade sure it!  It even included a presentation, from a distance, of a plaque with his place in the Maine Babe Ruth Hall of Fame. It was a touching to see so many come out to honor this man.

After that it was just so darn nice and to nice home so I went to visit a friend who was hanging out at a family members lake side home in Monmouth. Gotta say that was nice. There was fishing and just sitting and looking at the lake. But even as I was leaving there...still to nice to head home. So off to visit another friends who was camping with her family in Dixfield. So it was up to the Siri to get me there. LOL. I love and hate GPS. It gets ya there but I always feel like I am a some sort of captive being driving around to confuse me.  Once I was there ShadowDog has some of his doggie buddies to hand out with, there was my favorite pasta salad and a new tasty treat I discovered..peanut butter whiskey. Ya...had to be careful since I needed to still drive home. BUT even when I did it was still to nice to go home. I took advantage of the quite time at Sam's Club to get a membership and scope out my next shopping trip. Now while it is still to nice to go home, ShadowDog and I did. The rest of the weekend was low-key with a few walks and naps.

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