You will never believe the step I made today into the adult world!! I not only took my car for a car wash, but I also called and brought my car to be inspected. I know for some people this might not seem like a big thing, but for me the is HUGE. I have always had my dad do stuff like this before. Which I really like because I just don’t understand cars and have the necessary knowledge that when I push the little pedal it moves and when I bush the big petal it stops. So, when I noticed my sticker was missing the small square that was this month, I decided to handle it on my own.

Meaning I had my dad get me the number and told me what to say, but I called. Which is what counts. I then took my car to Brooks Brothers Auto Sales, and they did whatever car people do. Honestly, It was the simplest thing and something that I entirely could have done by myself long before I turned 19. SO, to those young adults especially girls out there I want you not to be intimidated by taking care of the car stuff. Because even if you only know as much as I know about car stuff I can guaranty as long as you can explain the weird sound coming from your car than they can take care of the rest.

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