If you were old enough to be listening to the radio in the summer of 2001, there is no doubt that you were singing along with Afroman’s “Because I Got High”.  Regardless of whether you loved the song, or hated it, it was one of the biggest ear worms of that year.

The chill vibes of the song are really infectious.

Here’s your chance to see him perform that song in-person.

According to a a post on the MudRun Concerts Facebook page, Afroman will be returning to Central Maine this June.

He’ll be part of the weekend festivities at Barnstock 2024 at Barnyard All Terrain in Livermore, Maine.  Afroman is slated to perform on Saturday, June 1st.  More acts will be announced soon.

Barnstock is a multi-day super-truck/ATV event.  There are races and mudding events throughout the day.  At night, the place feels more like a massive pit party.  Live music, drinks, and fun.

This video is from Trucks Gone Wild, which is similar to Barnstock:

Passes for the event are on-sale now.  One of the great things is that you don’t need to pay for the entire weekend, if you only want to attend a day or two.

The adult ticket prices are: $100 for the full weekend (Thursday through Sunday), $80 for Friday through Sunday, $60 for Saturday and Sunday, and only $20 for Sunday.  You can also get day passes for $20 a day.

Children prices are: $40 for the full weekend, $30 for Friday through Sunday, $20 for Saturday and Sunday, and $10 for Sunday (or a day pass).

Keep in mind that if you only get the day pass you will not have access to the concert area.

Get all the details HERE

I once had a chance to work with Afroman.  Years ago, when he was on his 40 Oz iPod Tour, he booked a show at a New Hampshire nightclub where I worked.  I DJ’d a set as an opening act for him.  Definitely a cool guy and he is everything you’d expect from a man who’s single big hit was called “Because I Got High”.

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