'True Blood' hottie Alexander Skarsgard has been the face of the Calvin Klein fragrance Encounters since June 2012, and now he's added a new ad campaign to his resume: Calvin Klein's Provocations. Whatever that means.

Just like the scorching Calvin Klein Super Bowl spot, this ad campaign is like every commercial for fragrance, jeans or a car -- it has nothing to do with the product itself and makes little to no sense. But this one makes less sense than all of those combined.

The overly artistic 10-minute film features Skarsgard seducing model Suvi Kopenen by walking slowly toward her in a matching outfit, rolling around on the surface of an asteroid, and playing with matches. They also have sexy romps in abandoned steel mills, on mirrors and while everything around them bursts into flames (see, that's what happens when you play with matches).

We honestly have no idea what's going on in this thing, nor do we care. Because even if we can't make sense of it, we do know Skarsgard is still a god among men.