If you're a big fan of tequila, there's a good chance that you've seen tequila bottles with a little sombrero on the cap.  The most common tequila with the sombrero is El Toro, but there are most-likely other varieties that have this feature.

As El Toro is far from being one of the most expensive tequila brands, it was a favorite of mine when I was in college.  As a poor college kid, my friends and I would frequently close-out each weekend with at least a few extra little red hats kicking around our dorm rooms or apartments.

In more recent years, these little hats ended up going to my daughters as hats for their dolls.  But, those hats were not meant as a prop for goofy pictures or an accessory for a doll.  Yes, they do have a real purpose.

Yes, apparently, it has a specific use.  It's meant to be used to salt the rim of a shot glass.

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