I just was reading the coolest idea and one I have not seen before.  American Awards at 283 State Street in Augusta is going the coolest thing for kids.  On the weekend of March 27th and March 28th from noon to two each of those days American Awards will be open and accepting your old trophies that are stilling around in boxes and just not bringing you joy anymore.

"Why," you ask? That is a very good question with a very sweet answer.

They are going to take your old trophies, polish them up, and recycle them to donate them to local children’s programs.  Oh my…does that melt my heart? Yep.

American Awards has always been one of those quiet but oh so very important members of our community.  They are the go-to for so many for trophies and awards.

So dig around in your attic, basement, closets, office, and even the shelves in your living space…if there is a trophy you have that was wonderful at the moment but does not hold a special place in your heart maybe you should give it new life by bringing a child the joy and pride by marking an accomplishment with a shiny new trophy.  I mean really isn’t it what a trophy is born to do?

This weekend is officially the start of spring…hop on that spring cleaning and find those stored trophies.  The dates again are Saturday, March 27th, and Sunday, March 28th from noon to two each of those days.  American Awards at 283 State Street in Augusta.

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