It seems like every single time there is a big meteor shower that is going to be visible from Maine, the weather never seems to cooperate. Well, it finally seems like we may be catching a break for this one. Maybe.

It's that time of the year again when Mainers will get the chance to see one of a few different annual meteor showers. The one that is coming up this weekend is the Perseid Meteor Shower. This shower comes from the comet 'Swift-Tuttle'. NASA says that it's a giant ball of ice and rock. Pretty cool, eh? Though it happens every year, the time frame and duration vary slightly each year.

According to WGME 13, this year's shower has been active since the 14th of July and will reportedly remain active in our skies through the first day of September. But, just because a meteor shower is active overhead doesn't mean that we will be able to see it from Maine the entire time.

So, when should we Pine Tree Staters crank our necks up to the heavens? Well NASA says that the best chances for viewing for us will be late Saturday night into early Sunday morning. That's this coming weekend the 12th into the 13th. Cloud cover permitting, the absolute BEST time, according to the space geeks, is going to be at about 3am on Sunday morning. NASA says that at that time people may be able to witness up to 100 meteors an hour. Wicked cool!

And don't forget your baseball glove. If a meteor, for some crazy reason, doesn't burn all the way up at it enters our Earth's atmosphere, you could have a chance at catching a foul space rock! Just kidding, kind of.

If you really want a sneak peak at just how badass this annual starry display is, take a look at this video below!


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