This is not directed at everyone, just a few particular gas station customers with no regard for the time of their fellow gas station customers.  And, honestly, it only applies to SOME gas stations.  It all depends on how the pumps are setup in relation to the building and the road.

If you are fueling up at a gas station that is super busy and/or has really narrow lanes, please do not run into the convenience store after you fuel up!  If you are blocking my (or, anyone's) access to the gas pumps or my way out, please move your vehicle first, then go to the store.

I understand that you did not just stop at the gas station for fuel.  You need snacks, smokes, soda, beer, lottery tickets, whatever.  But, I know from experience that your quick trip into the store is rarely ever a quick trip into the store.  Especially these days, when many convenience stores are short=staffed.

Don't get me wrong, it is all good if you need to run in to the store to pre-pay or if the gas station has a wide setup, like this one:

Attractive Gas Station Convenience Store

As I am just a slacker radio guy, it just annoys me.  I mean, I normally don't have anywhere I NEED to be...  Just places that I want to be.  But, your blocking the pumps could be preventing someone with an important job, like a nurse or first responder, from getting to work on time.  You don't want to be the cause of that, do you?

What are your thoughts?  Am I right or wrong?

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