Dear Person Who HIt My Car,
Thank you, Renee Nelson.

Really what else is there to say? Here is the back story.

First of all can tell I did that TikTok post outside...the typos from my cold fingers. ANYWHO... SO I finally get to wash my car recently and this popped out at me.  Someone hit my back bumper.  Now, one of the reasons I buy used cars is they come with some flaws.  I don't have to lose my mind over that first scratch or dent. Already done for me.

I have no idea when this may have happened, but a co-worker told me her car also had some damage from the parking lot at work.  It is a busy place with a lot of people coming and going so it would make sense.  It is also a place my car spends a fair amount of time each day.

Listen, pay attention. These things are preventable if you just pay attention. BUT if something does happen just ignoring it and walking away is really a crappy thing to do. Maybe a note with your contact info? Maybe just a note to say you are sorry?  I don't know.  It just feels so violating to find my car with bumps and damage.


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