I kinda' feel bad for the driver of this vehicle.  Kinda'...  I mean, it's (I think) common knowledge that you go "right" around rotaries.  Right?

Based on the upload date, it looks like this happened on the 4th of July.  Fortunately, as far as we know, there was no accident resulting from this person (because that would be a crappy way to spend Independence Day).  Since our studios are just up the street from where this happened, if there was an accident I'd imagine we'd have heard about it.

Honestly, I'd like to know the entire story.  Was the driver a visitor?  From where?  The UK (or some other country where they drive on the left side of the road)?  Do they have rotaries where this person is from?  The driver of the vehicle with the camera stops the wrong-way driver (on his/her second trip around), but since there's no sound, we have no idea what was said.

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