If this isn't the most 2020 story of the year so far, am I right? The number of things we've had to deal with on a global level since January of this year has been absolutely insane- and it's not over yet.

Forget the fact that we have not one but two hurricanes barreling toward the Nation's gulf coast, we now also have an asteroid hurdling toward the earth that is expected to get here the day before November's general election. How appropriate?

Now before we get into all the science-y details, it's very important to begin by telling you that this asteroid poses 0 threat to us here on earth. Depending on where you see this story, it may be accompanied by a headline that indicates a mass-casualty event involving an Armageddon-style mission to blow this thing up before it gets here. That's just not the case.

According to WMTW, the asteroid known as 2018VP1 is not very big at all. In fact, it's just about 6.5 feet wide. It's literally 'no biggie'. This asteroid was originally spotted back in 2018 at the Palomar Observatory in California. Even if this asteroid were to attempt to enter our earth's atmosphere, it would burn up long before impact due to it's very small size.

For those of you out there asking the 'what if' question, NASA has broken this down statistically for you. After watching this bad Larry for a couple of years, experts have deduced that the overall chances of any part of this making contact with the earth is a whopping 0.41%. So go about your business and pay no mind to the fat space-rock careening towards our civilization- it'll be fine. As far as the November election? That could still be a cataclysmic failure.

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