There is so much information Augusta is putting out to help keep us Augusta residents up to are some resources.

City of Augusta Facebook page, Augusta Police Department Facebook page, Augusta Fire and Rescue Facebook page, Augusta Public Works Facebook page, Augusta Parks and Rec Facebook page, for those of you with kiddos there is the Augusta School Department Facebook page, and for those of you with doggos there is the Augusta Dog Park Facebook page.  Now check out these helpful videos from Chat with the Chief...Augusta Police Chief Jared Mills that is...on the Augusta Maine Police Youtube channel. Speaking of those videos check out these chats with Chief Mills

Chief Jared Mills is speaking to with Augusta Public Works Director Lesley.

Chief Jared Mills is speaking to Chief Leach to update us on Augusta's EMS response during this pandemic.

Chief Jared Mills is speaking to Lieutenant Brian Chamberlin of the Augusta Fire Department about the City of Augusta's response to the COVID-19 situation.

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