While the coronavirus crisis has dealt a harsh blow to restaurants and other local businesses, there are still bright spots, as people begin to reach out to help others in crisis.

One local example is Augusta's Wander Pizza. In a post on their Facebook page, Wander has offered a free large cheese pizza to those who have lost income due to being in hospitality or service industry.

"We know many of you recently lost your source of income," the post read. "Things are happening so fast and the stress is starting to become a little overwhelming. We want to do one small thing to help those that need it most. If you recently lost your job and could benefit from a free meal, hit us up. This Sunday, we are giving away free pizzas to anyone that needs it."

The offer is for Sunday, March 22, and the pizzas will be available for pickup between 5-6 p.m. The owners ask that you message them through Facebook or email jesse@wanderpizza.com to let them know you will be coming by so they know how many pizzas to make.

Get more details in the post below:

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