The mom’s family of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds has now given a summary of the January meeting with police investigators. Ayla’s step grandfather posted a summary of the meeting on his website about the missing little girl. He said that the state police told the family they believe that Ayla is dead.

They also showed Ayla’s mother some of the items gathered in the search around the dam in Waterville, but she could not identify any of the items. The state police spokesman told the KJ he was not going to get into specifics other than to repeat what he has said publicly and they think it's unlikely Ayla is still alive.

Ayla was reported missing on Dec. 17, 2011, by her father. No one has been named as a suspect. Her father contends that Ayla was abducted. Now, police say a kidnapping did not happen. They believe the three adults who saw her last; her dad, his girlfriend and his sister, are withholding information in the case.

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