The former Waterville Mayor, Tom Nale's passion for Lebanese cuisine was learned from his mother, Caroline. This passion has driven him to open his newest venture in Waterville, Maine.

It's called Mezza, and it's a Lebanese restaurant, according to Central Maine.

As the article says, growing up in his family's kitchen, Tom was able to learn and master the art of creating yummy Lebanese dishes like kibbeh, sanieh, and tabouleh.

He says,

My mom spoke Arabic fluently, and since we were on welfare and she was a single parent, she knew how to stretch a dollar. A bag of flour could make a lot of meals, and I was always helping in the kitchen. Even now, when I cook, I wear her apron.

Now, after retiring as a district court judge, lawyer, and former mayor of Waterville (serving from 1986 to 1987), he is opening Mezza.

It's located at 34 Temple Street, which is the former location of the Lebanese Bakery. Tom visited this bakery a lot and wanted to do something that would continue on the tradition of Lebanese food in Waterville, so he did just that.

Mezza promises freshly prepped Lebanese food every single day, which honors Waterville's rich Lebanese heritage.
Tom has close family ties to the community, including Senator George J. Mitchell.

Despite initial plans to find a chef, he is partnering with culinary geniuses Jim Veilleux and Melissa Grant, as per the article. 

With its cozy 20-seat setup, this place wants to be more than just a spot to sit and eat their delicious food. They want you to gather with your family and celebrate life, which echoes the spirit of Lebanese cooking.

Patrons that have already visited are raving about the authentic flavors and locally sourced ingredients, adding to the restaurant's charm and appeal!

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