If you have been using the video social media platform TikTok for more than a few hours, you have probably noticed the videos in your feed come through in trends.

For example, the last few days, my feed has been loaded with younger Gen-Xers and older millenials talking about the way they part their hair.  Honestly, you look great no matter how you part your hair and you shouldn't be so concerned about what those younger millenials say.  But, I digress...

One of the other trends I have been seeing A LOT is the "silhouette challenge".  That's where the video starts normal with that Paul Anka (ask your grandparents) song playing.  Then, after a few seconds, a filter snaps on and the music changes.  When that filter goes on, you're supposed to be wearing less than you were before the filter.

The idea is that you are supposed to show of your goods without actually showing off your goods.

Instead of me trying to explain it, just watch this video.

Social media and tech experts are now warning people to be careful when they post "silhouette challenge".

According to The Daily Mail, it is easy to remove the red filter effect, making the video look normal.  Why is that a big deal?  Well, some people like get naked for the filtered portion of the video.

Sadly, there are even videos on Youtube showing you exactly how to get rid of the filter effect.  Or, so I've heard.

So, if you are going to do the "silhouette challenge" just be aware that the filter could be stripped away (no pun intended) showing everything.  So, you may want to wear something.

Be safe!

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