This morning Matt and I were enjoying a normal cold day at the studio. Because of the reported frigid temps we wanted to go outside to see if we thought it was really that cold or not.

As we were outside a car pulled around the corner and stopped in front of us. A man got out of the car and approached us. He was wearing a yellow Pikachu hat and a huge smile.

His name is Ice Karim, he works at Five Country Credit Union  in Topsham is an avid listener and Superfan of the show! He lives in Augusta and offered to buy us breakfast at Dunkin. We never turn down an offer for food or coffee.

He then went on to ask us if he could turn us into AI. At first, I had no idea what he was talking about and got nervous. But then remember that AI means artificial intelligence and because of the apps going around, everyone on social media is posting their AI images.

AI generated images have become the next big thing in social media. This is a fairly new media front that has been shared by millions. What you're doing is taking an image of you and simply generating it into a synthetic image.  Like the photo below of me with the phoenix.

Ice Karim
Ice Karim

Ice was able to generate our AI's directly from his phone in the studio.

AI images have become so popular that even celebs are jumping on the bandwagon including people like, Chance The Rapper, and Sam Ghari.

I wonder what they're going to think of next. But whatever it is, you can be sure that Matt & I will be ready to jump in. Thanks Ice!

Enjoy the gallery of the Morning Shows AI images below!

AI Pictures of Matt & Lizzy in The Morning

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