According to WGME, Edward Harmon's desire to help Maine's homeless veterans lead him to convert a cargo trailers into a temporary homes.

In his work with homeless vets, Harmon learned that it can take up to 14 days for a homeless veteran to be processed and placed in a residence.  As their was no temporary shelter for the veterans during the processing period, they would remain on the streets or in homeless shelters.  But, Harmon had a solution for the problem!  The VETS Project, standing for Veteran's Emergency Temporary Shelter Project, was born!

Harmon, and partner Arthur Richardson, have began transforming cargo trailers into temporary homes.  Each home has a bed, nightstand, fridge, desk, chair, and heat.  There's even an emergency escape window, just in case.  Their cost for each trailer is about $7,800.

Donations can be sent to:

American Legion Post 36, VETS Project

PO Box 260

Boothbay, Maine


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