If you know me, you know I am a massive history geek.  I spend a lot of my downtime watching documentaries and historical fiction (right now, I am working my way through the pirates series "Black Sails").  I am pretty sure my love of history comes from the fact that I used to watch classic movies (mostly westerns and old war movies) with my dad.  Honestly, if I wasn't doing radio, I would probably be a history teacher.

Not to sound too creepy, but Google and Youtube knows me (all of us, actually) almost better than we know ourselves.  Because of this, it is always recommending videos that it knows I am going to like.

One of its recommendations this morning was a video that brought portraits of historic people to life.

The makers of the video took paintings or photographs of long-dead people, colorized them, created a life-like version (for the paintings), and filtered them.  Then, using an AI program, they animated the photos.

Basically, it allows us to see what these people may have been like when they were alive.

Check it out:

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