Ever get so caught up in your day to day life that you forget you can change it? You can choose to get out and do things? That there is a bigger world out there waiting to be explored? I find myself there from time to time so when I was asked to go on a weekend adventure I was SO down!

The problem was, we weren't sure what to do. My friends had recently gone to Boston. (WITHOUT ME...I'm not bitter...) so that was a no go. We're not big into winter sports so a ski weekend was out of the question. So I wracked my brain and all of a sudden, it came to me! ICE CASTLES!!! Every year I see amazing Instagram pics of people going and every year I neglect to go. Not this year. And because I always put the "pro" in procrastination, we got our tickets for the very last day.

Now, I don't know about you but if I'm crossing state lines for a day trip I'm doing as much as possible in one day. We had a plan. A loose one, but a plan. We set the GPS for North Conway, NH, mostly because we heard of a dope place to eat.

Our first stop ended up being Adventure Suites where they offer tours of their themed rooms. This place actually holds memories for me as it's where I had my somewhat of a surprise Bachelorette Party a few years back. I had guys and girls in my bridal party so we stayed in the Harley Davidson Room. Here's some evidence from the morning after. And yes, that is a banana. And yes it was a ring toss game. And yes you held the banana between your legs.


Back from memory lane, we went to eat at MOAT Mountain where I had a mound of smokey, meaty, delicious(y), nachos.

We then drove around looking for places to shop killing time before heading to Lincoln. Part of our trip was driving the Kancamagus Highway. For whatever reason, I failed to consider the fact that we're in the mountains and the weather is different here. Imagine my moment of "duh" when halfway up the mountain in starts snowing.

The snow continued the entire time we were in Lincoln where we continued to poke around random places, even finding this wonderfully named eatery that we didn't even eat at but took a selfie opportunity fo' sho'.

Finally, we made it to the Ice Castles and had a blast. It was lit. No really, it was actually lit up with pretty colors. There was a fountain, slide, cookies, and hot chocolate.

The night wasn't over yet, oh no. We still had to drive back. At the point The Kancamagus was covered in snow. My little Chevy Sonic handled like a boss. Granted, I don't think I drove over 35mph the entire way.

Once off the mountain the weather was fine and I heard tell of a Maine DJ at a club in North Conway. Check out the video below to see who we ran into! (Hint: his name rhymes with booper socks.)

Don't forget the Insta worthy pics from the day:

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