Dr. Ruth, you know who she is, right? She’s the older lady who speaks about relationships and more specifically about intimacy in relationships. Whenever I see she’s on somewhere, I have to watch. I was clicking through CNN.com and saw she was on 'Anderson Cooper 360' recently.

This isn’t really about Dr. Ruth, but about the conversation the panelists were having. Can you be friends with an ex? I’d say no, unless both are married, because why else would you want to be friends? You might have a friendship, if you have children together and both have moved on, but true friendship?

This reminds me of a great question asked in the 80s movie, ‘When Harry Met Sally.' Can men and women be close friends without one wanting more? I’d like to say, 'Yes!' I had many female friends in my younger and single days, but where are those friendships today (aside from Facebook and co-workers.)

Time and geography have separated me from many friends. Since I got married and started a family, girls don’t friend me as seamlessly, and I’m not befriending women either. I mean, like being best friends. Hopefully both sexes can get along and enjoy each others company at functions, work, etc

We have friends, who are couples, and we’re friends with both partners, but my women friends who I see regularly outside of work, are closer to Lynn.

What do you think? Can you be friends with an ex or for that matter, be best friends without either wanting more with their preferred gender? Are you on 'Team Harry' or 'Team Sally?'

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