For the last several years, the real estate market has been a wild ride. Price went up, interest rates went down. Now, it seems like the opposite is true. Most people are now seeing prices cool down, while interest rates inch upward.

While increasing interest rates can be a bit of a buzz kill, decreasing property prices are certainly a welcomed trend- at least among buyers. Because of the constant fluctuation in real estate trends, we always like to check on current listing in Central Maine and pick out some of our favorites.

One of the beautiful homes we came across this week is situated at 18 Franklin Street in the happening city of Waterville, Maine. What's more? This home features three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. What's more than that? If you can believe it, this house is priced at under $220,000.

Out of the gate that may not seem like a stellar price, but we would encourage you to check out all the photos of the property and make an assessment after that. Personally, we think this is a pretty sweet deal considering the current real estate climate.

The home, brokered by Summit Real Estate, features 1,200 square feet of living space, a perfectly appointed kitchen and living room, and three bedrooms. You'll also find two FULL bathrooms in this house and a quaint back yard, too!

This Beautiful Waterville, Maine home is priced UNDER $220K!

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