The first thing that may be worth noting is that this place also comes with heated parking. That's right, there's room for up to four vehicles in the garage and when you drive in on a snowy February night, the slush and grime will melt right off your car and drain into the floor. Wow!

Situated in the hill of beautiful Camden, Maine, this illustrious home is straight out of a fairy-tale with it's rolling sprawling landscape design and spacious interior. According to this home has four bedrooms and five and a half baths. Plenty of room for everyone to do their sleeping and their, well, you know.

If that's not quite enough space to entertain both family and friends then worry not, because this place comes with it's own three bedroom guest house, infinity pool and a movie theater. I mean honestly, why even have a driveway at this point? You might as well just get brought in by helicopter and dropped off.. you won't have any reason to ever leave again.

Oh, if you're wondering about cost, this incredible Maine home has an asking price of $8,500,000.00. Someone is going to be turning quite a profit here, too. According to its history, this home was last sold in 2007 for only $2,700,000.00. If you're wondering if you can afford it, says the estimated monthly payment is $27,000 on a 30-year fixed mortgage with $1,700,000.00 down at closing.

Well, since none of us can afford it, we might as well gawk at all these gorgeous photos!

Camden Hills Mansion

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