Our neighbor to the north has just passed some new rules in regards to flying drones.  Since we share more of a border with Canada than we do with the United States I figured I might mention this…just ‘cause.

Just so you know...I am a co-owner of two business that use drones. One is the wedding photography business and the second is a company that provides drones to first responders like firefighters and various branches of the law enforcement. I am also a caring human…so I don’t want to see ANYONE using a drone in such a way that could cause harm to themselves or anyone or anything else. Rules aside PLEASE use drones safely and responsibly.  Doing that within the bounds of the rules IS EVEN BETTER no matter where you are!

Back to Canada…I found a few videos.  Here is my favorite from Peter Mckinnon.  He has great production values but he is a tad bit dramatic. However, the video draws attention to the fact there are new Canadian rules that need to be recognized and that if you are not going to fly safe…don’t do it.

That above video has had it critics…here is a reasonable rebuttal from
. It does appear that the Canadian rules are not that different from the rules in place in the United States from the FAA.

Here is some info for recreational drone pilots in the United States from
51 Drones

For some drone operators in the United States you need a Part 107.  Here is a little bit more about that from the FAA.  But no matter where you fly and if you are doing legally or not...ALWAYS! BE! SAFE!!!!

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