Well, well, well. Love it or hate it, everyone has a feeling about candy corn. Me? I can take it or leave it. I'd probably like it more if I could butter it and eat it off the cob, bun no can do....

Tomorrow (10/30) is, in fact, Candy Corn Day! I don't hate it, exactly, but I wouldn't be at all hurt if you told me right now I could never have it again. Really, the shape is conducive to kids sucking up their nose, perpetuating a visit to the e.r. and the taste is, really, blah. All in all, Candy Corn is pointless.

But wait, there's more!

Tomorrow is also Create a Great Funeral Day. It's a day to plan your own memorial service pre mortem. Consider it like planning a great party for your friends that you won't be attending. Make it big, festive and expensive! Hey, what are they gonna do, send the bill to collections! Ha! You win!

Finally, and best of all, it's Haunted Refrigerator Night starting at midnight tonight. Spoooooooooky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out this very scary video and DON'T WATCH IT ALONE!!!!