I was in line at a local grocery store and the guy in front of me in his mid 20s was chatting away on his cell phone. Nothing wrong with that but it is kind of annoying when the cashier asks him for payment and he is taking twice as long to get to his debit or credit card out because he can’t use two hands.

Another public place cell phone use can be annoying is in a waiting area, like at a Doctor’s office. Many Doctor's offices now have “Cell phone use is prohibited” signs now but people still yak away.

Obviously, cell phone use in restaurants is off putting. The only exception might be if it’s for taking a picture or sending a quick text. Same goes for movie theaters and meetings.

My favorite cell phone user pet peeve is; the guy who can’t end a call to go to the bathroom. He is standing with one hand with his phone, the other….

This one irritates me the most and has nothing to do with a bystander talking, it’s when I’m talking to someone on “speaker phone.” Cell phone or land line it doesn't matter, it’s incredibly aggravating, mostly because of the background noise but also because everyone around them can hear what I'm saying. I’m not normally saying anything groundbreaking but I don’t want everything I say to be heard over a loud speaker.

I know we’re all guilty sometimes, and I am too on occasion as well but some people are too loud and obsessive with their phones.