It was a scary situation that unfolded Monday morning in the town of Skowhegan, Maine. According to an article in the Kennebec Journal, an area man who was driving a New Balance commercial truck when a utility pole fell across the roof.

Officials say that the utility pole that came down on the truck is the same one that was damaged in another incident more than a week ago. When the first pole came down on top of the truck it pulled another one with it, police said.

Jonathan Frost from Canaan, the driver of the truck, was fortunately not injured in the ordeal, though he was temporarily trapped inside. Police say that the incident happened at about 3:30 in the morning on Walnut Street in Skowhegan.

A Spokesman, Jonathan Breed, for Central Maine Power says that it appears the New Balance truck struck a low-hanging wire and as that wire tightened as the truck was moving it pulled down the first pole, then causing the second pole to come down with it.

However, the KJ notes that Central Maine Power's explanation of the events differ slightly from the explanation provided by responding officers from Skowhegan Police Department. Skowhegan Officer Bucknam said that it appeared the pole was so damaged from the previous week's incident that it came down on its own.

CMP was able to get to the scene and free the trapped driver. Additionally the power crews were quickly able to restore power to an estimated 1,000 people who had lost it due to the lines coming down.

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