I understand that newspapers are becoming less relevant as time goes by. People satisfy their hunger for news through a myriad of portals, from major news networks to local tv and radio sites. The difference is, generally speaking, most all of them are underwritten by ads on their sites not by charging a fee.

Enter local papers, CentralMaine.com. They collect the money for the ads AND, now, from subscribers, as well. I'm not knocking the papers, I'm just wondering how the public is going to react, that's all. I mean, we've never had to pay for the Morning Sentinel or Kennebec Journal before now. Are people going to cough up the dough to get their local news or will they just brows through as they get their coffee and pay for their gas at a local convenience store? It remains to be seen.

As for the advertisers on the website, how will they be affected? If people en masse don't subscribe, then they'll be getting less views, right?

I may be over thinking this but, for those who have been getting their news on the website as opposed to an actual physical paper, this is going to be huge change. If cost has been a factor for those folks, they may be gone. If convenience is the only consideration (as it is for many), then the money probably won't be an issue.

Personally, I like the local Augusta/Waterville news I can get from the papers, so I'll likely sign up. How about you?

Here's the announcement from the centralmaine.com website:

Effective July 1, we are limiting access to CentralMaine.com. Both print and digital subscribers will have unlimited access to the quality news and information published daily on CentralMaine.com and our e-Editions. Non-subscribers will be able to access to 10 stories each month for free.

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