Let me start this by saying I am OK with nuclear power for the good. It is a very efficient and if kept up to code and produced safely can be a clean energy source. That being said, there s a downside to nuclear power. Remember the Chernobyl catastrophe back in 1986?

I remember vividly that story playing out in the news. That day I learned that the world is relativity small, aside from the devastating radiation spill, there was also the fallout when it came to the food supply; largely in Europe but still, it affected thousands of miles and hundreds of millions of people.

I saw this video trending on Facebook, Chernobyl, Almost 30 years Later. For me, one that was a kid in the 80s during the Cold War, the hammer and sickle was probably the scariest emblem on earth, to see it now, it is very weird. Anyway, the point of this is, watch the video and, it will make you think. The abandonment of the town and the feeling of sadness is quite powerful.

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