Do you have a group chat at work with some coworkers? Yeah, we do, too. And since we're a small but mighty team here at the station, our group chat consists of three people.

Me (Matt James), Lizzy Snyder and Cooper Fox are in a chat group so we can stay connected about what's happening on air here at the station.

Yesterday, the three of us were chatting in the thread about an upcoming community interview that will be happening here at our studios. However, right in the middle of our conversation about it, Cooper sends a photo of Nutella Biscuits.

First of all, what even are Nutella Biscuits? Second of all, why did he choose that moment to send the image?

Was it a secret call for help? Was it a cryptic message about the future? Was it an accidental send? I'm not really sure and, to be frank, maybe I don't even want to know.

All I know is I'm really glad he decided to send 'NUTES' instead of the alternative. I don't want to see Cooper in the buff.

Okay, this has really derailed.


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