If you are a regular follower of what we do at 92 Moose, you may remember that my family and I had an incident coming back from a day trip to Bangor.

You can read the entire story here, but the gist of it is that, while we were cruising down the I-95 through Waterville, someone ahead of us slammed on their brakes in order to avoid some ducks.  The driver did not swerve to avoid the ducks, she did not slow down, she slammed on her brakes and came to a complete stop in the middle of the highway.

Over the weekend, I got a response the from the "brake slammer".  Well, full disclosure, I got a response from her cousin.  The woman who emailed me explained that her cousin, who is from Tennessee, was just being extra careful.

"She laughed when her colleagues showed the article to her. She told me she saw signs saying to not hit the ducks or moose. Where we are from we have white squirrels, if you run one over, It’s hell. She’s a sweetheart but drives like a grandmother. I love her to death as she is my best friend."

In the email, she goes on to mention that her cousin had cancer six years ago.  From all of us at 92 Moose, we're glad to hear she beat cancer!  And, despite the fact that she caused me to do the "brake check" from hell, I appreciate her being extra cautious around our wildlife.

Thanks for visiting us (or joining us?) here in Maine!

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