Last night, I had my first "Dads and Dancers" rehearsal.

This is the part where you ask me what "Dads and Dancers" is...  Well, it's a cool program from Laura and the crew at Augusta's Dance Unlimited.  As part of the annual dance recital, dance students and their dads perform a dance number together.  My daughters, Annie and Denise, have been asking (begging?) me to participate in this program since we moved to Augusta.  This year, I finally agreed to do it.

As I let Denise explain what a Jazz Square was to me, I realized she had no idea what I was like when I was in school.  Neither of them realized was that I spent six years dancing my way through middle school, junior high school, and senior high school.  I was in Houlton school's show choir from 8th grade through my senior year.  In fact, my senior year, we participated in a big music event in New Jersey and were invited to represent Maine at the National Show Choir Championships in Branson, Missouri.

For six years, I practically lived in the auditorium at Houlton Jr/Sr High School

Last night was a challenge, though.  Not just because it has been nearly 20 years since I've done any dancing.  Sober dancing, at least.  On top of that, due to pandemic-caused social distancing, all of Dance U's rehearsals are now being done as Zoom meetings.  Laura and team are doing an amazing job with them, but nothing is like actually practicing on a stage (or in a studio).

Something tells me I am going to be spending a big part of my weekend watching (and rewatching) the video of last night's practice.

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