Sometimes I feel bad for my kids because they have to deal with my crazy cooking.  Not because I am a bad cook, but because I am an adventurous cook.  Most of the time, Annie and Denise escape eating the really crazy stuff.  Unless they volunteer to try it.

I feel pretty lucky that Denise is usually a pretty good sport about trying new stuff.  I love her reaction to new things and the fact that I cannot always predict what she'll like and what she won't.

Over the weekend, I had her try green curry paste for the first time.  Normally, you'd use the paste as a seasoning for foods.  Adding it to coconut milk to create a broth that you serve with vegetables, chicken, and rice, for example.  But, because I wanted her to get the full effect of the flavor, I just gave her a SMALL amount on a spoon.

I think it'd be awesome to use the paste as dip for chips, but I don't really wanna' think about what it would do to a six year old's stomach.

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